Hillstream BioPharma Acquires Novel Salinomycin-Analogs

Emerging Mechanism of Action: Ferroptosis – Strengthens Company’s Oncology Pipeline

Chester, New Jersey, February 10, 2020 – Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”), a near-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on rare, orphan and unmet need cancers announced today, acquisition of a salinomycin analogue portfolio with related global patents, non-clinical data, other filings and know-how.

Salinomycin, a novel ionophoric small molecule has been shown, via high throughput screening, to be a potent cancer killing agent with high potency and toxicity1.  Hillstream’s novel formulation of salinomycin, HSB-1216, is encapsulated in Hillstream’s proprietary QUATRAMERTM system, thereby lowering toxicity to normal tissue while leveraging salinomycin’s beneficial and potent cancer killing effects.  HSB-1216’s mechanism of action, ferroptosis, has recently been elucidated by researchers and provides insights into a key weakness of tumor cells.2  Ferroptosis involves the drug triggering a molecular trap of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial iron into the cell’s lysosomes.  Research on ferroptosis shows iron sequestered in the lysosomal compartment and displacing a Fenton reaction, which produces specific types of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that puncture lysosomal membranes, oxidizes lipids and ultimately causes an iron-induced cell death.  This novel and emerging mechanism of cell death is exploited by HSB-1216 into a targeted approach for high unmet need cancers. (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma Granted Orphan Drug Designation for HSB-1216 (QUATRAMER Salinomycin) for Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)

Positive pre-clinical data with an emerging validated mechanism of action, Ferroptosis

HSB-1216 is a novel therapeutic using the QUARTRAMER formulation of a potent anti-Ferroptotic compounds, Salinomycin

Chester, New Jersey, January 6, 2020 – Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted orphan drug designation (ODD) to salinomycin based on nonclinical pharmacology data from HSB-1216 (QUATRAMER salinomycin), a new chemical entity for the treatment of small cell lung cancer.  The ODD designation provides seven years of market exclusivity post approval for the HSB-1216.

“We are very excited and pleased that HSB-1216 received orphan designation from the FDA,” stated Randy Milby, Hillstream’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now is an exciting time for the development of medicines for small cell lung cancer.  We believe treatment with HSB-1216 may represent a complementary approach to other potential therapies by inhibiting cancer stem cells.” (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma Announces Participation in the Biotech Showcase’s PartneringOne® System and Availability for Outside Appointments

Chester, New Jersey, January 2, 2020 – Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced its participation in the Biotech Showcase™’s one-to-one meeting system, partneringOne®.  The event will run from January 13-16, 2020.  One-on-one meetings booked through the partneringONE® system will be held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Additionally, investors wishing to meet with Hillstream outside of the Biotech Showcase’s one-on-one system can book appointments directly through Hillstream’s investor relations representative, Jennifer K. Zimmons, Ph.D.

Hillstream will be providing updates on recent corporate developments as well as outlining near-term activities anticipated in 1H-2020. (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma to Present at the 12th Annual LDMicro 12th Main Event

Chester, NJ – December 3, 2019 — Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced that Chief Executive Officer, Randy Milby, will be presenting and meeting with investors at the 12th Annual LD Micro Annual Main Event Conference being held December 10-12, 2019 in Bel Air, CA. Details on Hillstream’s presentation are as follows:

Event: 12th Annual LD Micro Main Event Conference
Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Time: 9:20am PT
Room: Track 4
Location: Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel



Hillstream BioPharma Announces Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD as New Member to Scientific Advisory Board

Expertise in Small Cell Lung Cancer Supports Key Pipeline Drug – HSB: 1216

Chester, New Jersey, November 19, 2019 – Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced the addition of clinician-scientist Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD to Hillstream’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Wong brings a wealth of experience from being a professor of oncology to conducting leading-edge research in lung cancer. Dr. Wong is the Chief of Hematology and Medical Oncology at The Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Medical Center. During his distinguished career, Dr. Wong served in various investigative and leadership roles at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wong’s work has been published in over 250 scientific publications, and his world-renowned research has provided new insight into genetic and environmental causes of lung cancer, enabling novel lung cancer therapies. Throughout his career, Dr. Wong has received numerous honors and accolades including: the Howard Hughes Physician Scientist Fellowship, the Dunkin Donuts Rising Star Research Grant Award, the AACR Team Science Award, and the Anne Murnick Cogan and David H. Cogan Professor of Oncology. Currently, Dr. Wong continues his investigative pursuits, in to developing novel therapeutic strategies for small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Dr. Wong received both his PhD and MD from Columbia University, completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, and was a fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma Announces Collaboration with Ardena to Support QUATRAMER Manufacturing

Highlighted in BioWorld

Alignment Reinforces Hillstream BioPharma’s Strategy to
Partner with Top-Tier Firms

Chester, NJ – November 4, 2019 – Hillstream BioPharma, Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced a collaboration with Ardena to secure manufacturing feasibility and capacity for Hillstream’s QUATRAMER portfolio. This includes HSB-1216, a novel formulation of salinomycin encapsulated within the QUATRAMER technology, a potent cancer stem cell inhibitor with initial indications for small cell lung cancer. (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma Announces Renewal of CRADA with National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences for Use of QUATRAMER™ Drug Delivery Technology with HDAC6-PI3Kδ Dual Inhibitor for AML

Chester, NJ – October 10, 2019 — Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced the renewal of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The agreement enables NCATS’s use of the company’s QUATRAMER drug delivery technology.  This technology will be used to develop formulations of HDAC6-PI3Kδ dual inhibitors for the treatment of rare cancers, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL).

Studies have shown that by disrupting multiple compensatory cyto-protective pathways, HDAC6-PI3Kδ dual inhibitors might have potential therapeutic value.  The primary objective of the study is encapsulation of NCATS developed HDAC6-PI3Kδ dual inhibitors into Hillstream’s proprietary, nanoparticle tumor infiltrating QUATRAMER suspension to assist with enhanced and safer delivery into malignant cells. (more…)


Hillstream BioPharma Acquires Key Assets to Portfolio Including QUATRAMER Drug Delivery Technology Platform and Key Immuno-Oncology Compounds

Acquisition Positions Hillstream as a Diversified Biotechnology Company Developing Novel, IND-Ready
Immuno-Oncology Treatments for Orphan Tumors with Devastating and Unmet Need

Chester, NJ — September 10, 2019 – Hillstream BioPharma Inc. (“Hillstream”) today announced the acquisition of key immuno-oncology (IO) assets from privately held NanoProteagen, Inc., including its proprietary drug delivery platform QUATRAMER, a proprietary, non-viral tumor infiltrating enhanced injectable suspension.

The company believes this acquisition solidifies its position as a novel drug delivery platform company, as it includes several immuno-oncology drug candidates.  In addition to the QUATRAMER delivery platform, which forms the basis of the entire portfolio, Hillstream has acquired and is developing HSB-114, an immunotherapeutic agent delivering the human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) gene.  Hillstream is progressing towards a rapid IND filing process and plans to initiate a clinical trial in advanced, metastatic soft tissue sarcomas (STS).

“With the addition of QUATRAMER as our key platform, we are now poised to enter the IO space with a novel technology that we believe may provide a non-viral tumor specific delivery vehicle of cytokines with high efficacy in tumors with too narrow a therapeutic index for clinical feasibility, including TNF-alpha and others,” stated Randy Milby, chief executive officer of Hillstream. “With the preclinical success we’ve had to date with HSB-114, we anticipate a rapid progression toward an IND and initiation of Phase 1b/2a trials.  We look forward to sharing our progress of these and future milestones with current and potential shareholders.” (more…)