Hillstream BioPharma Inc. is developing targeted cancer therapeutics designed to be safer and more efficacious than currently available chemotherapies. We hope to play an important role in helping millions of patients lead longer and healthier lives.

Our proprietary nanoparticle formulation of FDA-approved bortezomib, currently in preclinical development for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Nano-encapsulation ensures delivery within the tumor cells and reduces free bortezomib levels in the blood, which causes dose-limiting toxicities. HSB-407 may have an improved safety and efficacy profile compared to Bortezomib (Velcade®), which is a first line treatment for multiple myeloma with >$2 billion in global sales.


Our next-generation nanoparticle formulation of bortezomib. Encapsulation in our nanoparticle may enable us to deliver a dose that is up to a 50% higher than the currently approved dose of bortezomib, potentially improving its efficacy and lowering key side effects such as peripheral neuropathy.
In addition to treating multiple myeloma, higher dosing may make HSB-408 uniquely suitable for targeting solid tumors.


Hillstream BioPharma is a development-stage company advancing improved therapies for patients with cancer. Hillstream’s competitive advantage is to enhance the safety and efficacy of FDA-approved oncology therapies by encapsulating them in proprietary polymeric nanoparticles. Encapsulation ensures delivery within the tumor cells and prevents free drug levels in circulation that can cause toxicity. The slow and sustained release of the therapy may also reduce the frequency of dosing while maintaining its efficacy. The novel formulation allows Hillstream to build a strong patent estate and seek FDA Orphan Drug Designation in specific indications.
Hillstream’s proprietary formulations of bortezomib and oxaliplatin are currently in preclinical development for cancers with significant unmet need. By taking advantage of the FDA’s 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway, the Company could expedite the development process and bring these novel formulations to market to offer patients hope.

Business Opportunities

Hillstream owns global rights to its nanoparticle formulations of bortezomib as well as oxaliplatin. The company is interested in establishing strategic partnerships with oncology-focused companies for the clinical development and global commercialization of these assets as standalone chemotherapy or in therapeutic combinations with other cancer treatments.
Please contact us about a potential business development or collaboration opportunity at BUSDEV@hillstreambio.com